How Do You Remove Oil-Based Paint Stains From a Carpet?

Remove oil-based paint from carpet using a solvent, such as turpentine. To remove the paint without solvents, use a steamer to soften the paint and a needle to pick it gently out of the fibers.

To remove the paint using solvent, first consult the can label to determine the solvent the manufacturer recommends for the product. Turpentine is a general-purpose paint solvent that works with many different products. Dip a clean cloth in the solvent, and blot the paint with the cloth. Change cloths as the paint transfers to the material, but do not soak the carpet with the solvent, as it dissolves the adhesive that holds the fibers in place. Once the cloths are no longer picking up paint, use a carpet shampoo to remove the solvent from the carpet and rinse with water.

To remove dry oil-based paint from carpet without solvents, try a steamer. The heat and moisture soften the paint to release it from the fibers. As it releases, remove it with the needle and discard it in a plastic bag so it does not stick to other parts of the rug.

For best results, remove the paint as soon as possible after the spill. It is easier to remove wet paint by soaking it up into a cloth than waiting for it to dry and using either of these methods.