How Do You Remove Nail Polish From a Wedding Dress?


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Nail polish stains are notoriously tricky to remove. The best action is to take the dress to a professional dry cleaner. If there is no time to have the dress dry cleaned, use a dry stain removal process to protect the fabric.

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  1. Mix a dry spotter

    Mix one part coconut oil with eight parts liquid dry cleaning solvent to create your dry spotter.

  2. Scrape off any excess polish

    Use a dull knife or spatula to scrape away any excess nail polish. Be careful not to spread the stain. If the polish is still wet, blot the spot first.

  3. Apply the dry spotter

    Place a clean cotton pad directly under the stain. Soak another cotton pad in the dry spotter. Sponge the nail polish stain with the dry spotter. Dampen another cotton pad in the dry spotter, and cover the stain.

  4. Let the dry spotter stand

    Leave the dry spotter on the stain as long as the pad is still picking up nail polish. Keep both the pad and the stain moist. Replace the pads, if desired.

  5. Flush the stain

    Work in an area with adequate ventilation. Carefully position a large, clean towel under the stain. Use straight dry cleaning solvent to rinse away the nail polish residue. Blot the excess with the towel, and allow to dry.

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