How Do You Remove Nail Polish Stains?


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Nail polish stains can be removed on carpet, upholstery and fabric using paper towels, acetone, dry-cleaning solvent, water and a laundry machine, depending on the material type. It is important, however, to remember that treating the stain immediately is always the best solution regardless of the material.

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How Do You Remove Nail Polish Stains?
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For all three materials, it is recommended that the nail polish be carefully blotted as much as possible so that the solution does not mix with excess nail polish. It is best not to rub, but blot gently with a paper towel or other cloth. It is recommended to blot a few times to ensure that the excess nail polish is fully cleaned up.

Once the material has been blotted, clean water should be applied to fabric and acetone should be applied to upholstery or carpet. From here, the fabric should then be blotted again and a pre-wash stain remover should be applied before the fabric piece is tossed into the laundry. For upholstery and carpet, a dry-cleaning solvent can be applied. The solvent should be allowed to sit before being blotted up. If the stain is not gone then the hydrogen peroxide can be added, but only a small amount. For best results, it is recommended that the cleaner use a dropper.

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