How Do You Remove a Mounted Wall Mirror?


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Remove a mounted wall mirror held in place by clips by loosening the screws and turning so they no longer contact the mirror and gently lifting it away from the wall. Cover the mirror with clear packing tape prior to beginning the process for additional protection if it breaks in the process.

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If the mirror is glued to the wall, remove it by covering it in tape and placing shims in any gaps between the mirror and wall. Avoid forcing the shims into place.

Use another shim for protecting the drywall and a prybar to loosen and remove the mirror from the wall. Place the shim against the wall, and slide the bar behind the glass. Use gentle pressure to loosen it from the wall, working around the perimeter of the mirror and releasing a little at a time. As you reach the bottom of the mirror, provide support at the top so it does not fall and break. This process also removes some of the paper coating from the wallboard.

It is usually possible to reuse mirrors after removing them using either process. Remove them from the area of the remodeling project, and store them in a protected place so you do not accidentally damage them. Reinstall the mirror with adhesive or clips.

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