How Do You Remove Motor Oil Stains?


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Removing motor oil takes several days, as some products require time to take effect. The process requires kitty litter, liquid dishwashing detergent and a commercially available concrete degreaser. For persistent spots, purchase oil-eating bacteria for use in concrete stain removal.

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  1. Absorb excess oil

    Spread inexpensive clay kitty litter on top of the oil, and allow it to sit overnight to absorb oil on the surface. Remove the litter from the concrete, and dispose of it in an appropriate manner.

  2. Scrub away the stain

    After removing the litter, it is likely that some the oil stain remains. Use a grease-dissolving dishwashing soap, and scrub as much of the stain away as possible. If the stain hasn't set too deeply into the concrete, this is sometimes all that is needed to remove it.

  3. Use a degreaser

    If the stain is still visible, use a commercially available concrete degreaser. Apply the solution, and follow the label directions to remove the stain.

  4. Put bacteria to work

    If stains remain after using a degreaser, use commercially available oil-eating bacteria. These products include the same bacteria used to clean oil spills from beaches. They penetrate the concrete and seek out the oil. Once they have exhausted their food supply, they die, leaving the concrete free of oil stains.

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