How Do You Remove Mosses From Bricks?


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Removing mosses from bricks is a simple procedure that requires the invaluable and basic skill of following simple instructions, use of detergents and basic domestic cleaning procedures. Mosses are tiny flowerless plants that grow in clusters in dark and damp areas.

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Mosses tend to thrive well on bricks under shade because apart from being in a shady place, their pores tend to retain water which enhances the growth of mosses. Removal of mosses from bricks is a simple process that requires a bucket, a bleach and a scrub brush with long a handle.


The Steps


  1. The entire area covered by the mosses should be wet, and this should be done by pouring water on the bricks to keep the bleach from being sucked by the dry bricks. 
  3. An empty container should be used to mix 1 gallon of water and 2 cups of the bleach to form a solution.
  5. For protection purposes, rubber gloves and safety glasses should be worn when dealing with the bleach. A brush should be used to dip into the bleach solution and scrub the brick wall. The process should be done taking care not to leave any moss between the bricks unscrubbed. It may take several times to brush off all the moss.
  7. Using a power wash, such as a hose or a TSP/water combination, the bricks should be rinsed with clean water. Absorption can be minimized by soaking the ground before beginning the power wash. This may take several rounds to ensure that the bricks are free of mosses.

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