How Do You Remove Moss From a Roof?


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To remove moss from a roof, spray a mixture of equal parts bleach and water throughout the roof using a garden sprayer. Install zinc strips across the length of the roof to prevent moss growth.

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  1. Prepare the cleaning solution

    Measure equal parts bleach and water, and mix in a garden sprayer. The bleach kills any existing moss and lichen.

  2. Protect surrounding plants

    Before spraying, cover nearby shrubs and lawn using plastic tarps.

  3. Spray the solution on the roof

    Bring the garden sprayer to the roof, and spray the cleaning solution evenly over the shingles. Ensure complete coverage in order to remove all moss.

  4. Loosen shingle edges

    Use a margin trowel to loosen shingles from the shingles below them.

  5. Install zinc strips

    Slide zinc strips under the loosened shingles. When it rains the zinc particles in the strips dissolve in rain water and coat the roof to prevent moss from growing. Use roofing nails and a hammer to secure each strip.

  6. Seal the shingles

    Place a drop of sealant over each nail head and under each shingle, and press the shingles down.

  7. Cover roof length with zinc strips

    Apply the strips across the entire length of your roof. Leave a 1/8-inch gap between each strip to allow for expansion.

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