How do you remove moss from a lawn?


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To get rid of moss in a lawn, use moss killer on the lawn. After the moss dies, remove it from the lawn using a rake, and plant new grass in the empty spots. Water the newly planted areas frequently until the new grass is fully established.

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Unlike many other plants, moss doesn't compete with lawn grass and doesn't harm it. Moss starts growing in soil that is free of other plants. This means that if moss is growing in the lawn, then the lawn is dying by itself and moss is simply taking the free space. It is important to find out what is causing the grass to die and treat the problem before getting rid of the moss.

The lawn may be dying because the soil it is growing in is compacted. Such soil causes grass roots to die, and it also creates ideal conditions for moss. Another reason might be that the soil doesn't have adequate drainage, as constantly damp soil doesn't allow grass roots to breathe. Moss grows very well in damp soil.

A low pH level in the soil might also be a reason the grass is dying, as grass only grows well if the soil is moderately or slightly alkaline, while moss prefers highly acidic soil. Another reason the grass might be dying is that it doesn't receive enough sunlight. Moss, on the other hand, grows well in shade.

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