How Do You Remove Mop and Glo?

You can remove Mop and Glo buildup off your sealed hardwood floor by applying a commercial-grade floor stripper purchased from a home improvement store. To remove Mop and Glo from other types of flooring, such as tile or laminate, use a solution of 1/4 cup of all-purpose cleaner, 1 cup of ammonia and half a gallon of warm water.

Mop and Glo is a popular brand of floor cleaner due to its multisurface usage. Specifically marketed for use on hardwood floors, it features a fresh scent, easy application and an attractive sheen. Mop and Glo is classified as a water-based acrylic product, and the label claims it will leave no residue.

Using Mop and Glo for a long period of time can result in product deposits and a filmy buildup that makes floors look and feel dirty. Some hardwood floor experts recommend avoiding the use of Mop and Glo and other acrylic-based products. Ammonia-based products, such as glass cleaner or Windex, are considered better alternatives for cleaning finished hardwood floors.

Simply spray the product on a cloth-based mop and wipe the floor. Never apply a liquid product directly to a hardwood floor, because any form of liquid pooling on the floor can stain the wood.