How Do You Remove Mold From Leather Jackets?


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To remove mold from a leather jacket, begin by allowing the jacket to dry away from humidity, then wipe away mold using a damp cloth, allow the leather to dry again, and cleanse it with a mild baby soap. To prevent future mold, care for the jacket properly.

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  1. Move the jacket to a dry location

    Remove the jacket from any damp or humid areas, and place it in a dry environment. Allow the leather to dry fully.

  2. Dampen a cloth, and gently wipe away any mold

    Wipe the molded area with a damp cloth, and remove as much mold as possible. To achieve an even texture after drying, wipe down all leather on the jacket.

  3. Allow the leather to dry

    Take the leather jacket and hang it in a dry location. Make sure the leather is completely dry before cleansing it again.

  4. Clean the molded area with a gentle cleanser

    Apply a mild soap, such as baby soap, to a clean, damp cloth. Wipe the molded area thoroughly to remove any remaining mold.

  5. Take care of leather items

    Store your leather in a dry place, and condition it properly to prevent future mold issues.

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