How Do You Remove Mold From Carpet?

To remove small areas of mold from carpet, clean the carpet with dish-washing detergent and a carpet steam cleaner and then let the carpet dry out. To remove larger areas of mold, replace the section of carpet.

Run through the following steps to get rid of mold in carpeting.

  1. Clean mold spots
  2. Mix some water with dish-washing detergent and add the mixture to a carpet steam cleaner. Use the machine to spot treat smaller areas of mold.

  3. Clean tougher areas with bleach
  4. If the mold persists despite steam cleaning, mix one cup of bleach into a bucket of warm water. Do a spot test on a less-visible area 24 hours before cleaning the carpet to ensure that no discoloration occurs. If no discoloration occurs, add the bleach mixture to a spray bottle and spritz it directly onto the mold. Leave the mixture in the carpet for 15 to 20 minutes and then vacuum up the liquid with the carpet steamer.

  5. Replace patches of carpet
  6. If the mold affects large areas of carpet or cleaning was ineffective, cut out the moldy section if possible. Find carpeting that closely matches the existing carpet and use it to patch the area.

If the mold has affected the entire carpet or multiple large areas of carpeting, replace the entire carpet.