How Do You Remove Mold From an Attic?


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To remove mold from an attic, remove any materials on which it is growing, including plywood, carpets and wallboard. Spray any materials that you cannot remove with a moldicide. Prevent future mold growth by repairing any leaks and creating adequate ventilation in the space.

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Before beginning work in a space with mold, put on personal protective equipment. Wear long pants, long sleeves, eye protection and a respirator to avoid breathing in the mold. Seal the attic space to prevent spreading spores to the rest of the home. If you must remove the moldy material through another part of the house, cover carpets and doors leading out of the area with plastic.

Commercial mold-killing agents are available from most home improvement stores. Other options include spraying the affected surface with solutions containing borax, tea tree oil or vinegar. For heavy mold infestations, the best option is using a commercial product and following the label directions.

For effective mold removal, you must eliminate the underlying moisture problem. If there are roof leaks, take appropriate steps to eliminate them. In many homes, moisture forms when warm moist air contacts cold surfaces. The water in the air condenses, leaving materials wet and providing a surface for mold to grow. Increasing attic ventilation allows the moist air to escape outside, preventing future mold growth.

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