How do you remove moisture between double-pane windows?


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Removing moisture between the glass in double-pane windows typically requires replacing the glass panes. In some instances, the whole window will need to be replaced, as the build-up is likely caused by broken seals and excess condensation, as stated by StanekWindows , a window repair and replacement company.

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To reduce the likelihood of condensation build-up throughout the home:

Step 1: Lower humidifier settings, or reduce their use.

Step 2: Use a moisture-eliminating product.

Step 3: Utilize bathroom and kitchen fans.

Step 4: Use ceiling fans to circulate the air.

Step 5: Open the windows to release the warm, moist air.

Step 6: Raise the window temperature.

The window temperature can be increased through a higher thermostat setting, or through the use of curtains or drapes.

Step 7: Install weather stripping.

Step 8: Install storm windows.

Step 9: Move plants away from the windows.

Step 10: Utilize a dehumidifier.

Step 11: Utilize an air-to-air exchanger.

Step 12: Install a window insulation kit.

When installed on the window's interior, these kits create a better seal around the window and can reduce condensation build-up.

Condensation between the glass on double-pane windows is likely the result of a damaged seal, and the glass or entire windows likely need to be replaced, but the steps indicated above should reduce overall condensation in the home to help prevent build-up.

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