How Do You Remove a Mirror That Is Glued on the Wall?


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Remove a mirror glued to a wall using a small pry bar, heavy-duty packing tape, wooden shims, drywall patch, primer and a utility knife. To remove the mirror, a helper may be required depending on the size of the mirror. Always wear protective eye wear and gloves when removing a mirror.

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Prevent the mirror from shattering if dropped by covering the mirror in heavy-duty packing tape. Locate the gaps between the mirror and the wall. Insert the wooden shims into the gaps, and tap them in until they are snug. Do not force the shims between the gaps, as this may cause damage to the drywall.

To protect the wall, place a shim beneath the pry bar, and carefully use the pry bar to loosen the mirror from the wall. Maneuver the pry bar all around the mirror until it has released from the wall, and then carry the mirror into a different room for protection.

Use the utility knife to scrape away leftover adhesive from the drywall. Gently cut off damaged drywall with the knife. Sand the area smooth, and then apply drywall patch. After the patch is dry, apply two coats of primer to the wall before painting it to match the rest of the room.

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