How Do You Remove Mildew From Siding?


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To remove mildew from vinyl siding, prepare a cleaning solution, dip a soft cloth or a long-handled soft brush into the solution, and scrub the siding from the bottom to the top of the area you are washing. Rinse the cleaning solution off the siding as you proceed.

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  1. Prepare or purchase a cleaning solution

    Choose a cleaning solution based on the extent of the mildew problem and the sort of landscaping that lies underneath the siding. One popular and low-cost option is mixing seven parts water and three parts white vinegar. If your landscaping is a concern, mix a gallon of water with one cup of oxygen bleach. Choose available commercial products if desired.

  2. Select cleaning tools

    Choose a soft cloth or a soft scrub brush to avoid scratching the siding. If the mildew stains are high, choose a long-handled brush, or use a ladder, if necessary, to reach the mildewed area.

  3. Wash the bottom of the area

    Start washing at the bottom, and move slowly towards the top of the mildewed area.

  4. Scrub gently

    Wash the siding by scrubbing gently with selected tools. Take care to avoid scratching the coating off the siding.

  5. Rinse frequently as you wash

    As you move upward over the cleaning area, rinse the cleaning solution off frequently with a garden hose or bucket of water. Rinse the entire area thoroughly once the mildew is completely removed.

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