How Do You Remove Mighty Putty?


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If you want to remove Mighty Putty, first soften it with acetone. You can also use fingernail polish. Then rub it off using a putty knife. Be careful and gentle while scraping so that you do not damage or scratch the item holding the putty. A power sander is used in mechanical removal of Mighty Putty.

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If you want to sand Mighty Putty from hard and large surfaces, a diamond floor grinder is better and more effective than a power sander. Wet the Mighty Putty in order to avoid inhaling its dust while grinding or sanding it off. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust of the Mighty Putty from floors. If using a chemical to remove Mighty Putty, it is necessary to wear a long sleeved shirt and chemical resistant gloves. Read the instructions on the chemical remover before using it. After applying the chemical on the Mighty Putty, allow it to soak for a few minutes. If the Mighty Putty fails to come out, apply the chemical again. Use after-wash to clean the area after scraping the putty. When purchasing the putty remover, select one with minimal odor, and ensure that it is not toxic. Remember to keep the putty remover away from children.

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