How Do You Remove a Microwave Range Hood?


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To remove a microwave above a range, first unplug it from the electrical outlet it is hooked into, and then carefully remove it by unscrewing the wall mounts. This task is much safer if a second person holds the microwave up to prevent damage.

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How Do You Remove a Microwave Range Hood?
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Microwave range hoods, typically microwaves set up above a range for the sake of convenience, are still fairly standard microwaves just set into the wall with wall mounts. In order to remove one, you need the proper screwdriver and other tools to undo the screws. Prepare to remove the over-the-range microwave by removing anything from overhead cabinets that might fall during the process, and move the range out of the way so it is easier to access the microwave for removal.

While unscrewing the mounts to the microwave, it is best to have a partner waiting to hold the microwave when the last screw is undone. This measure prevents the microwave from dropping and damaging itself, the counter, the range or your feet. Once it is unscrewed, it must be tilted to remove it from the wall brackets that hold its alignment.

Some microwaves built into the cabinetry are hardwired, meaning they are built directly into the house's system instead of attached to a wall plug. This means you have to shut the electricity off in order to remove them safely. Once that is done, pliers must be used to remove the electrical cords from the corresponding junction box.

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