How Do You Remove Lint Balls From Towels?

remove-lint-balls-towels Credit: Vstock LLC/Getty Images

Lint balls usually occur on towels that have short hair fibers. They usually form from abrasion during washing and drying and often result when towels begin to pill. Fortunately, you may remove and prevent this lint through a few easy techniques.

  1. Use a lint roller

    Use a lint roller or tape rolled around your hand to remove the lint balls. Simply press or pat the adhesive over the towels to lift the balls. Rewash the towels with detergent and use fabric softener in the final rinse.

  2. Prepare the dryer

    Clean the lint filter in the dryer after every use. You may also place a large piece of nylon netting in the dryer along with the towels so the netting tumbles against them and causes the lint balls to fall off. Remove the towels while still slightly damp to prevent building up static electricity. Avoid overloading the washer or dryer.

  3. Use a sufficient amount of detergent

    Increase the amount of detergent in order to hold lint in during the wash time.

  4. Prevent lint

    Wash items that give off lint, such as blankets, chenille bedspreads or rugs, in separate loads from synthetic or napped fabrics. Turning lint collectors inside out may also help.