How Do You Remove Linoleum Tiles?

How Do You Remove Linoleum Tiles?

The process of removing linoleum tiles is time consuming and requires a lot of manual labor. Gather needed tools, including a heat gun and a long-handled scraper, to make the job easier.

  1. Test for asbestos

    Until 1985, manufacturers commonly used asbestos in floor covering. If there's a chance your tile was manufactured before this date, have it tested. If it contains asbestos, it requires special removal processes beyond the scope of the homeowner. In some locations, asbestos removal without authorization is illegal. If the flooring is in good shape, encapsulating it with a layer of plywood is sometimes an option.

  2. Scrape away the tile

    Find a loose place in the flooring to start. Press the scraper into the opening and push to scrape away the tile. It normally breaks into small pieces as it pops off the floor. Sweep up and dispose of these pieces before proceeding.

  3. Heat the adhesive

    The adhesive used to stick the flooring in place often remains after removing the tiles. Warm the adhesive with a heat gun. While the heat gun looks like a hair dryer, the air it produces is much hotter. Use the scraper to remove the adhesive, and continue scraping until all the adhesive is removed.