How Do You Remove Linoleum?


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To remove linoleum, cut it into strips, wedge a chisel beneath the linoleum, pull up the strips, and remove the adhesive residue. This process takes several hours and requires a utility knife, a hammer, a putty chisel, sandpaper, gloves, a particle mask, a hair dryer and a paint scraper.

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  1. Cut the linoleum

    Put on work gloves, and use a utility knife to slice the linoleum into parallel strips. Use light pressure to avoid damaging the subfloor, and go over each cut several times.

  2. Separate the linoleum from the subfloor

    Wedge a putty chisel beneath the end of one linoleum strip, and drive it forward with a hammer. Work the chisel down the length of the strip, then lift the linoleum away from the subfloor. If you encounter difficulty, heat the linoleum with a hair dryer as you pull it up. Repeat this process with the remaining linoleum strips.

  3. Remove the adhesive residue

    Put on a particle mask. Heat a small area of the subfloor with a hair dryer, and remove the adhesive residue with a paint scraper. Repeat until the entire subfloor is free of adhesive.

  4. Sand the subfloor

    Sand the subfloor until it is level and smooth. Remove the gloves, run your fingers over the floor to check for rough areas, and sand again if necessary.

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