How Do I Remove Lily Pollen Stains From Fabric?


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To remove pollen stains, begin by shaking out the clothing to remove as much loose pollen as possible. Alternatively, use a piece of tape and press the adhesive side against the pollen to lift and remove it. Soak the clothing in cold water for 30 minutes and add a small amount of oxygen bleach if possible. Rinse with cold water and repeat the soaking if the stain remains.

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After rinsing the clothing completely, treat any remaining stains with a spot stain remover. Wash the fabric in warm to hot water, whatever is recommended for the garment. Allow the clothing to air dry to ensure there are no stains remaining.

Do not try to brush the pollen with a hand or a wet cloth, this will only push it further into the material fibers. If the garment is "Dry Clean Only," have it professionally cleaned. Point out the stain ahead of time so it can be properly treated. Red pollen stains can also be blotted with 99 percent isopropyl alcohol. Laying the garment in natural sunlight also works as a natural bleach.

For flower arrangements that only last a short time, such as a corsage or a wedding bouquet, spray a small amount of hair spray on the anthers. This will prevent the pollen from brushing onto other surfaces.

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