How Do You Remove Leaf Stains on a Concrete Driveway?

Cleaning leaf stains off a concrete driveway is simple and straightforward, requiring typical cleaning agents and quite a bit of manual cleaning. The stain that the leaves and pine cones leave on concrete driveways come from their natural pigment that leeches off them and settles into the the small holes and crevices on the surface of the concrete. While the stains are not permanent and will fade over time, they can be quite difficult to remove, especially if the pigment has settled well into the concrete.

Fortunately, typical cleaning agents such as detergent, bleach, ammonia and stain removers are enough to get the stains off the concrete. A pressure washer will also be very helpful in washing out the stains.

The following shows one method of removing leaf stains from concrete driveways.

  1. Pressure wash
  2. Use a pressure washer on the driveway concentrating on the stained areas. This will help wet and loosen up the stains that have settled in and dried up on the concrete.

  3. Apply the preferred cleaning agent
  4. Depending on what type of cleaning agent will be used, apply it on the entire driveway making sure that a liberal amount of it is on the stain. Let it sit on the driveway for a few minutes.

  5. Brush
  6. Use a stiff brush and scrub the stains forcefully. It is a good idea to brush the entire driveway so that it will have an even, clean look when done.

  7. Rinse
  8. Rinse off the cleaning agent and repeat the previous step as needed.