How Do You Remove Laundry Stains?


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Remove laundry stains by first ascertaining the type of stain you are dealing with. Then pretreat, soak and launder, using care to avoid drying until the stain is gone.

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  1. Determine the type of stain

    There are different techniques for removing different stains. To get stains out properly, you must follow the correct procedure for that type of stain. Determine if the stain is food, grass, oil, blood, ink or dirt. You will not be successful if you attempt to remove the stain with the wrong technique.

  2. Check a stain guide

    Find the proper stain removal procedure for your stain by checking a stain removal guide. These can be found online and give you every step for battling each stain. Many magazines offer stain removal guides. Your washing machine manual may also be a source of information.

  3. Pretreat and soak

    Most stains require a pretreatment. Some need an enzyme application. Others are best removed with soap or laundry detergent. Once the pretreatment has been applied, soak the garment in either hot or cold water. The temperature is dependent on the type of stain and the fabric of the garment.

  4. Launder

    After pretreating, wash the stained article with the detergent, water temperature and washer setting outlined on the clothing label. Some stains may require more than one washing. It may be necessary to use additional enzymes, or to add peroxide, bleach or ammonia to the stain.

  5. Avoid heat

    Until the stain is removed, do not dry the article with heat. Heat from a dryer will set the stain, making it virtually impossible to remove. Carefully check the garment for residual stains before drying and launder as necessary.

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