How Do You Remove Latex Paint From Concrete?

To remove latex paint from concrete, gather a rag or a roll of paper towels, a brush, detergent, water, a bucket, a scraper, a stiff scrub brush and paint remover. Use the rag or paper towels to wipe up all of the wet paint as soon as possible.

After you have wiped away the wet paint, mix one scoop of detergent in a gallon of water. Scrub the remaining paint with this solution and a stiff scrub brush. Pour a bucket of clean water over the paint spill. Take your scraper and scrape away as much dried paint as you can. Let the spot dry.

When paint remains, brush the paint remover over the area. Make sure you are not using paint thinner or paint stripper; specifically recommends the use of a latex paint remover, which can be found at your local hardware store. Let the paint remover dry. Use the scraper to scrape away the remaining paint.

Rinse the area with a bucket of clean water or a garden hose. Follow these steps and all of the paint you spilled will be cleaned away easily, according to If there are difficult spots that do not remain on your concrete, repeat the process of brushing on paint remover, scraping and rinsing.