How Do You Remove a Large Hornet's Nest?

How Do You Remove a Large Hornet's Nest?

To remove a hornets nest, mark the affected area, purchase hornet jet spray, prepare for extermination, spray the nest, and remove the nest. The best time to exterminate hornets is at night, when they are less active and aggressive.

  1. Mark the affected area

    Cordon off the area directly under the hornets nest with a red flag, caution tape or other visible markers. This is a safety precaution to ensure people are aware of the presence of hornets.

  2. Purchase hornet jet spray

    Purchase hornet or wasp jet spray. Ensure that the can is pressurized to effectively reach the hornet nest.

  3. Prepare for extermination

    Work at night when the hornets are inactive and less aggressive. Wear protective clothing, ensuring that your hands and feet are covered to protect you from stings. Walk slowly and quietly to the affected area to avoid waking the hornets.

  4. Spray the nest

    Using a flashlight with a red filter, illuminate the nest. Light from the red filter does not disturb the hornets, as insects are unable to see red. Release the hornet jet spray directly at the nest for at least 10 seconds. Leave the area immediately, and keep out of the area for at least 24 hours.

  5. Remove the nest

    Spray the nest once more for 10 seconds. Check for any hornet activity before removing the nest from its location. Seal the nest in a trash bag, and dispose of it.