How Do You Remove Laminate Flooring?

Remove laminate flooring by mopping with hot water, applying heat, prying the laminate off the subfloor and using a glue remover solution to remove any remaining adhesive. The time required to complete the project depends on the size of the room.

  1. Mop the floor

    Fill a mop bucket with hot water and mop the floor, leaving it slightly wet. Allow the remaining moisture to soak into the flooring to begin softening the water-based adhesive.

  2. Apply heat

    Use a heat gun to warm the adhesive. Heat guns look like blow-dryers but put out much more heat. Use caution that you do not burn yourself with the gun. Begin at one edge of the laminate, heating one piece at a time.

  3. Pry up the tile

    Slide the short end of a pry bar under the tile. Continue applying heat and lifting the edge. As the glue melts, the tile should release from the floor. Move to the next tile, and repeat the process. With laminate strips, the heat makes it easier to bend the long strips of flooring away from the subfloor for removal.

  4. Remove the adhesive

    Open the windows in the room to provide adequate ventilation. Wear a mask, gloves and goggles when working with the solution. Apply the glue remover to the adhesive. Use a wide putty knife to scrape the adhesive from the floor, and mop with clear water.