How Do You Remove a Kitchen Faucet?

How Do You Remove a Kitchen Faucet?

Remove a kitchen faucet by placing a basin underneath the water lines to catch any spills, turning off the water valves and disconnecting the lines from the valve and faucet. Use a basin wrench to remove the retaining nuts from the faucet, and wiggle it free from the sink.

  1. Place a basin under the supply valves

    Place a shallow basin between the angle valves and the floor before disconnecting the line.

  2. Turn off the water valves

    There are two supply valves under the sink, hot and cold. Turn both counterclockwise to the off position before proceeding.

  3. Remove the water supply lines

    Disconnect both the hot and cold supply lines from the angle valves. Use an adjustable wrench to grasp the retaining nuts and pliers to hold the valve in place. If you can do so easily, remove the supply lines from the faucet. If you find it difficult to remove these lines, wait until you remove the faucet to remove them.

  4. Use the basin wrench to remove the retaining nuts

    The basin wrench has a long handle set at the correct angle to allow easy removal of the retaining nuts. Place the wrench over the nut, and turn the wrench to loosen it.

  5. Remove the faucet

    Wiggle the faucet to free it from the sink. Lift the faucet out of the way, guiding the supply lines through the holes if they remain attached. Clean any plumber's putty from the top of the sink before installing a new faucet.