How Do You Remove Iron Stains From a Toilet?


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Clean iron stains from a toilet by adding rust stain remover to the bowl and tank, allowing the product to sit and flushing to remove the product. Light scrubbing and longer soaking times may be needed for tough stains. Iron discoloration is due to high iron levels in municipal water.

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  1. Add the remover to the toilet

    Add about 1/2 cup of rust remover to the toilet bowl. It is also safe for use in the tank if rust stains appear there. Use the toilet brush to scrub the bowl to speed the cleaning process. Do not add other cleaners or chemicals to the water with the rust stain remover. If also cleaning the tank, adjust the float so the water is above the iron stain, if possible.

  2. Allow the product to work

    Removing the rust stain requires some time for the product to dissolve it and remove any traces that have attached to the porcelain. Avoid flushing the toilet until the product completely removes the iron stains. Heavy staining sometimes requires soaking overnight.

  3. Flush the toilet

    Once the product clears the stain, flush the toilet. If iron stains are a recurring problem, consider installing an automatic toilet cleaner designed specifically for eliminating such stains.

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