How Do You Remove Iron Stains From Clothes?

Use of lemon juice on clothing designed for machine washing usually provides satisfactory results. If the natural remedy does not work, a commercially prepared iron remover is sometimes necessary. The best approach with delicate materials is to send the item to the cleaners for professional attention, according to How Stuff Works.

Lemon juice and iron removers sometimes damage fabrics. If unsure if the fabric cleaner is safe for the material, the user should first test it in an inconspicuous spot to see if it is possible to use the remover on the material without causing damage. suggests sprinkling salt on the spot once the lemon juice wets it and keeping the spot moist for 24 hours. It warns against scrubbing the spot due to the potential of damaging fibers. Once the spot disappears, it recommends blotting away excess moisture and rinsing the garment to remove the lemon juice, before laundering as usual.

While it is tempting to try bleaching the iron away, it is important to avoid the use of chlorine bleach until after removing the stain. The chlorine in bleach causes a chemical reaction with the iron to create iron chloride, which is even more difficult to remove than the original rust stain.