How Do You Remove Ink Stains From a Dryer Drum?

To remove ink stains from a dryer drum, scrub the inside of the dryer with rubbing alcohol or nonflammable household cleaner, dry a load of old towels soaked in bleach, wipe the drum to remove residue, and run old rags through a heat cycle to remove any remaining ink or cleaning solution. You need bleach, nonflammable household cleaner or rubbing alcohol, old rags, white towels and paper towels.

  1. Remove visible ink

    Use paper towels and rubbing alcohol or household cleaner to scrub the ink from inside the dryer, including any plastic parts. Wet the ink stains with cleaning solution, and allow the solution to stand a few minutes.

  2. Bleach the stains

    Dip old, white towels in bleach, and wring them dry. Place the towels in the dryer, and run the cycle to remove any remaining ink stains from the machine. Remove the towels from the dryer.

  3. Wipe the drum

    Use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe the inside of the dryer to remove any remaining bleach. Carefully wipe the corners of the machine.

  4. Dry some old rags

    Place a load of old rags in the dryer, and start the machine on a dry cycle to remove any ink or bleach that remains.