How Do You Remove Ink From Paper?

To remove ink from a paper document, first attempt the process on a non-valuable object to ensure the eraser does not damage the valuable document. Then gently brush and clean the area with an eraser or cleansing agent.

Several steps are necessary in order to perform a surface cleaning of a paper document. All of the steps should first be performed on a discreet area to prevent damage to the document.

  1. Lightly brush the surface

    Prep the area by placing down a large, clean sheet underneath the document. Then lightly brush the document with a soft brush to remove the loose debris. Do not brush across the document's print, charcoal or paint. Clean the brush every few strokes by running the brush across a clean cloth.

  2. Use a vinyl block eraser

    Gently rub a vinyl block eraser across the marks in short strokes. Apply light strokes to prevent patterned eraser marks. After a few strokes, check the paper to ensure the paper is not degrading.

  3. Use a granulated vinyl eraser

    Pour a small amount of the granules onto the affected area and gently roll the granules with the fingertips. As the granules become dirty, gently brush the granules off the document, pour on a few more granules and repeat the process.

  4. Use a vulcanized rubber sponge

    Vulcanized rubber sponges can provide deeper cleaning, but ensure eraser marks are not left by applying short, erratic strokes.