How Do You Remove Ink From Leather?


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Remove ink from leather by wetting a white cotton cloth with rubbing alcohol and dabbing at the spot, working from the outside toward the center. For older marks, let the spot dry before dabbing again. After the mark is gone, apply a leather conditioner to restore moisture.

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How Do You Remove Ink From Leather?
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  1. Wet a cotton cloth with rubbing alcohol

    Pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol onto a white cotton cloth. To avoid the risk of transferring more dye to the item, do not use a colored cloth.

  2. Dab the stain from the outside toward the middle

    Gently rub the stain with the cloth. Work from the outside of the mark toward the middle to avoid spreading the stain. Do not scrub or rub vigorously.

  3. Repeat with a fresh section of cloth

    As the ink transfers to the cloth, move to a clean section. Change areas frequently to avoid putting the ink back on the leather.

  4. Air dry and repeat if necessary

    Older ink marks require a second treatment. Let the item air dry to remove the alcohol. Then, wet a fresh cloth with alcohol, and repeat dabbing until the spot is gone.

  5. Apply a leather conditioner

    When the stain is gone, rub a leather conditioner onto the item with a soft cloth. This replaces the moisture that the rubbing alcohol removed from the leather.

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