How Do You Remove Ink From Laundry?


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An ink stain on a favorite garment can be frustrating, but you can effectively remove them with just a few minutes of preparation and cleaning. Most of these stain removal supplies are already in your home, and include rubbing alcohol, hair spray and acetone.

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How Do You Remove Ink From Laundry?
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  1. Blot with rubbing alcohol

    When using rubbing alcohol, work in a well-ventilated area. Place a layer of white paper towels on the counter under the garment. Pour the alcohol on the stain, allow it to set for a couple of minutes and blot with more paper towels. Continue to change the paper towels until the stain is gone or as light as possible.

  2. Spray with hair spray

    Hair spray is often effective at removing any remaining ink after using rubbing alcohol. Make sure it is safe for the garment before spraying. Use the same type of blotting approach with paper towels to absorb the ink as it dissolves.

  3. Apply acetone

    Acetone, or fingernail polish remover, is another effective solvent for ink. Blot to remove ink as it dissolves.

  4. Wash and wear

    Once the stain is gone, wash the item to ensure the solvents are gone before wearing the garment again. Always check for any additional stains before machine drying. The heat of a dryer sets stains, making them harder to remove.

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