How Do You Remove Ink in the Dryer?

How Do You Remove Ink in the Dryer?

Removing ink from a dryer must be done in a careful way to avoid permanently staining the porcelain coating of the dryer drum. You need towels and vegetable shorting to complete this project, and you may need isopropyl alcohol or nail polish remover as alternative cleaning agents. Bug spray or rubbing alcohol are required if the paddles are stained.

  1. Preheat the dryer

    Preheat the dyer to loosen the ink on the dryer drum. Turn off the pilot light and gas supply if you have a gas dryer.

  2. Apply vegetable shortening

    Moisten a cloth with vegetable shortening, and wipe the ink while the dryer is warm. Use a soft material to avoid damaging the porcelain coating of the drum.

  3. Keep scrubbing

    Keeping scrubbing to remove the stains. More towels may be required. When there is enough ink on the cloth, flip it over to avoid smudging the surface. Scrub vigorously to remove the stain.

  4. Use other chemicals

    Use nail polish remover or isopropyl alcohol if the vegetable shortening is not working. Experiment with the chemicals to see which one works best. WD-40 and bleach are other alternatives. If the paddles are stained, rubbing alcohol or bug spray are useful agents. Be careful when working with alcohol around the heat of the dryer. For gas dryers, thoroughly wipe the inside with a cloth dipped in water to clean the inside.