How Do You Remove Hot Glue From Clothing?


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To remove hot glue from clothing, place the garment in the freezer, and use a dull table knife to scrape away the glue. This method is effective for tightly woven cloth that does not allow the glue to sink into the fibers before it hardens.

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HowToCleanStuff.net recommends using acetone or fingernail polish remover containing acetone to dissolve the glue. Moisten a cotton ball to apply the acetone to the fabric, and blot until all the glue is gone. HowToCleanStuff.net also recommends testing the acetone on the fabric in an inconspicuous spot before attempting to use it to remove the glue in case the acetone causes color fading.

Since the glue melts with heat, ironing the backside of the fabric with a dry iron over a piece of cotton cloth may melt the glue, allowing the cotton to absorb it from the fabric. It is important to avoid turning the iron higher than the setting recommended on the garment care label to avoid scorching the fabric. A plain, brown paper sack is a good substitute for the cotton cloth.

Goo Gone is a commercially prepared adhesive solvent. Application of this solvent is similar to that of acetone. Application should continue until the adhesive is gone from the fabric.

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