How Do You Remove the Head From a Weed Eater?

Removing the head from a weed eater is done by laying the trimmer on a flat surface, tightening a wrench around the nut between the drive shaft and the trimmer head so it does not move, and turning the trimmer head clockwise to loosen it. The spark plug boot should also be removed, to prevent the weed eater from starting up while working on it.

Weed eaters that are designed to use a blade instead of wire require the owner to remove four screws from the blade shield before removing the head. After the blade shield is removed, the head of the weed eater can be removed the same way as other models.

The owner's manual should always be consulted before doing any work on a weed eater. As all models differ, some weed eaters may require additional steps to remove the head. The owner should also take special care to ensure that the shoulder strap, the handle and the blade guard are securely and firmly attached. Failure to do so compromises the safety of the weed eater. Additionally, it is likely that the warranty for a weed eater is voided when the owner works on it by themselves. The weed eater should be repaired by a licensed professional to keep the warranty intact.