How Do You Remove a Halogen Bulb?

How Do You Remove a Halogen Bulb?

How Do You Remove a Halogen Bulb?

To remove a halogen bulb, simply remove the light fitting from the ceiling, and take out the bulb. Make sure the electrical mains going to the light are off and the bulb has had time to cool down before touching the light.

  1. Remove the fitting

    Pull on the light fitting until it begins to separate from the hole in the ceiling. Hold the spring clips back as the light fitting detaches. Unplug the bulb pins to fully remove the fitting.

  2. Remove the bulb

    Find the base rim that holds the bulb, and twist it off from the rest of the light fitting. Take the bulb out of the metal clips in the rim, and safely discard the bulb.

  3. Replace the fitting

    Put a new halogen bulb in the old bulb's place, and twist the base back onto the light fitting. Plug the fitting back into the ceiling using the bulb pins. Push the spring clips into a vertical position, and hold them there as the light fitting gets pressed back into the ceiling slot. Let the springs pop back into their original position once inside the slot. Press the fitting flat against the ceiling to ensure a tight fit. To test the bulb, turn the electrical mains back on, and check if the light turns on properly.