How Do You Remove Hair Dye From Clothes?


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An effective way to remove hair dye from clothes is to stretch the fabric over a bucket, pour diluted ammonia through the stained area, rinse the fabric and launder it according to the instructions on its care label. This two-hour procedure requires water, ammonia, two large buckets, a liquid measuring cup, latex gloves, a paper cone mask, rubber bands and laundry detergent.

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  1. Dilute the ammonia

    Pour 1 gallon of cool water into a large bucket, and bring it outside. Put on latex gloves and a paper cone mask. Slowly pour 1 cup ammonia into the water. Turn your head away from the bucket to avoid breathing the ammonia fumes.

  2. Prepare the stained fabric

    Place the stained fabric over the second bucket, and fasten it with a rubber band. Pull the fabric taut. Bring the bucket outside.

  3. Pour the ammonia over the stain

    Slowly pour the diluted ammonia over the stained fabric, and collect the solution in the bucket beneath it. Wait for one minute, and then pour the ammonia solution back through the fabric and into the first bucket.

  4. Rinse the fabric

    Bring the bucket with the diluted ammonia solution inside, and pour it down a sink drain. Remove the latex gloves and cone mask. Fill the bucket with 1 gallon of cool water, bring it outside, and pour the water over the stained fabric. Wait one minute, then pour the water out into the ground. Take the rubber band off of the bucket, and bring the fabric inside.

  5. Launder the fabric

    Launder and dry the fabric according to the directions on the care label.

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