How Do You Remove Grout From Tile?

How Do You Remove Grout From Tile?

Remove grout using a rotary tool fitted with a fine saw blade to cut through the grout, scraping with a flathead screwdriver, cutting any remaining grout away with a utility knife and vacuuming away the debris. Using the power tool reduces the time to remove grout from tile.

  1. Cut through the grout

    Hold the saw blade parallel with the grout line, and cut through the grout. Allow the tool to do the work, and do not force it to make the cut. Move the tool so it is at a slight angle to remove most of the grout from the joints.

  2. Scrape away loose grout

    Choose a small flathead screwdriver that fits between the tiles. Use the screwdriver to scrape away the large chunks of loose grout. Do not try to remove any attached grout at this point.

  3. Cut away remaining grout with a utility knife

    Use a utility knife to cut away any remaining grout. A dull tool works best for this job, as it reduces the chances of breaking off the tip of the knife between the tiles.

  4. Vacuum away the dust

    Use a shop vacuum to pick up any dust and debris created in the process of removing the grout.