How Do You Remove Grout?


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To remove grout, use an oscillating tool with a fine-toothed saw blade to eliminate most of the grout between tiles. Finish the rest of the removal process with a flat-head screwdriver and a utility knife. Use a vacuum with a hose to clean up loose grout as you go. Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes.

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Hold the oscillating tool steady in the beginning, and make sure the saw blade is perfectly straight. Do not press too firmly or linger in one spot for too long. As the middle section of the grout begins to fade, angle the tool to remove grout from the sides. Do not linger if a piece of grout becomes stubborn.

Use a flat-head screwdriver that is small enough to fit between the cracks of the tile. Use the screwdriver to eliminate pieces of grout that the oscillating tool loosened. To prevent damaging the tiles, do not attempt to remove the remaining grout with the screwdriver.

Equip the utility knife with a dull blade. Use the knife to remove any leftover pieces of grout. Turn on the vacuum, and use the hose to pick up loose grout from the cracks as you go to make the cleaning process quicker.

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