How Do You Remove Green Mold?


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To remove mold, take all items out of the room, and seal the room. Ventilate the room, and spray the affected areas of the room with a mixture of 1 cup of Borax and 1 gallon of warm water. Allow the solution to remain on the surfaces for one to two hours, and respray the area. Scrub the affected surfaces with the cleaner and a scrub brush, apply the cleaner a final time, and vacuum the room thoroughly.

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Wear protective gear, including a mask and a disposable suit, when cleaning mold, and seal the vents and doorways with plastic sheeting. To ventilate the room, place a fan in a window or exterior door so the fan blows outward.

Remove all items stored in the room, including furnishings, before cleaning the room, and remove and discard any building materials, such drywall and carpet, that harbor mold. Clean the underlying surfaces before replacing the building materials.

To avoid recontaminating the surfaces, frequently rinse the scrub brush in a bucket of the cleaning solution, and replace the cleaning solution in the bucket every few minutes. After removing the mold, spray the room with a final application of Borax and water, and vacuum the room with a vacuum that has a HEPA filter after the cleaner is dry.

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