How Do You Remove Glued Down Linoleum?


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To remove glued down linoleum, it is important to first cut the linoleum into smaller pieces before pulling them up. The equipment needed for this job are a utility knife, scraper or putty knife. The work may go quicker with a helper.

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  1. Cut linoleum into strips
  2. First, score the linoleum with a utility knife into strip widths that are about 12 inches.

  3. Remove the linoleum
  4. Place a scraper or putty knife at a 45 degree angle underneath a scored linoleum piece, loosen it and then pull up the piece. Use a glue gun or hair dryer to loosen adhesive or glue from the linoleum if pulling up the linoleum piece from the subfloor is difficult. Repeat this process to remove small sections of linoleum at a time until all the linoleum flooring is removed.

  5. Remove the adhesive from the subfloor
  6. Use a commercial solvent product to remove any remaining glue left behind after the linoleum removal process.

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