How Do You Remove Glue Residue?


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Remove regular school glue by covering the spot with a clean cloth soaked in warm water, according to Elmers.com. Leave the cloth on the glue for several hours. Upon removal of the cloth, the glue should be soft enough to wipe away with another dry fabric.

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For spray adhesives, Elmer's recommends using mineral spirits or citrus oil products such as Sticky Out or Goo Gone. Simply apply these products to a dry cloth, and place them over the glue for several minutes. The softened glue should come off without difficulty. Repeat the process if necessary. Polyurethane glues, such as Elmer's Ultimate Glue, are more resistant to standard removal methods, so sanding and scraping off the glue may be necessary in these cases.

Super Glue is removable by application of acetone products such as nail polish, according to Super Glue Corporation. Check the label to confirm that the nail polish contains acetone before applying it, since some brands do not. A small amount of acetone applied using a cotton swab or toothbrush should dissolve the glue quickly. Next, simply peel or shave off the glue residue. Use caution when applying acetone removers, because they can damage fabrics and discolor laminate counter-tops.

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