How Do You Remove a Frozen Air Conditioner Filter?


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To remove the filter of a frozen air conditioner, allow the unit to defrost for at least an hour, switch it off, and remove the front panel to uncover and remove the filter. Use warm water and a laundry detergent to get rid of dirt and debris on the filter.

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An air conditioner may freeze if its size is too big for a room or if it contains too much dirt build-up. Thaw and clean the unit properly to prevent damage. Switch it off quickly if the fan stops spinning. Once water starts to drop naturally from the air conditioner, turn on the fan to enable warm air to flow inside the unit, thus speeding up the thawing process. Place towels below the air conditioner to catch dripping water.

After defrosting the air conditioner and cleaning the filter, wash the filter with clean water, and let it air-dry before installing back into the unit. Inspect the outer parts of the air conditioner, and get rid of any debris that obstructs the condenser coil vents on the unit’s exterior. If there are debris inside the coils, call a service technician as removing the debris requires disassembling the air conditioner.

Run the air conditioner after cleaning the filter and vents. Finally, program the thermostat to allow the unit to turn off automatically at certain temperatures.

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