How Do You Remove Formica?

How Do You Remove Formica?

Remodeling a kitchen or bathroom may require the removal of synthetic plastic Formica countertop material. The project's duration depends on the amount of Formica that needs to be removed. Materials required are a hammer, duster and dust pan, a damp rag, and ear and eye protection.

  1. Make room to work

    Begin by removing any appliances or clutter from the countertop and in the nearby areas.

  2. Remove any accent edging

    If there is any sort of wood trim, it needs to be removed first. This should be done with caution if it is to be reinstalled.

  3. Put on protection for the ears and eyes

    Proper protection should be used to prevent ear or eye damage. Goggles or glasses and earplugs are ideal for preventing injury from noise, dust and Formica particles.

  4. Remove the Formica

    The hammer can be used to pry the Formica from the plywood service underneath. Wedge the straight edge of the hammer between the Formica and plywood, and pry the Formica off piece by piece. This may take a significant amount of time, especially if the Formica is attached to the plywood with substantial amounts of glue. If the plywood counter service is to be reused, care should be taken to avoid dents.

  5. Clean the stripped plywood

    All loose Formica pieces and other debris should be removed and discarded. Dust the plywood surface and then wipe it down. Allow it to dry completely before applying new countertop materials.