How Do You Remove a Fluorescent Light Starter?

If a fluorescent light is flickering, has trouble starting or only lights up partially, a fluorescent starter may need replacement, according to The Family Handyman. The twofold replacement process consists of the light tube removal, followed by the light starter removal; the process often requires only a ladder. Depending on the fixture design, a screwdriver may also be needed.

  1. Set up the ladder

    Place the ladder underneath the fixture. Make sure that it's positioned so that the fixture can be accessed easily, without overextending your reach.

  2. Remove the fixture casing

    Gently slide off the casing. If the casing is attached to the fixture with screws, unscrew them with the screwdriver, before sliding off the casing.

  3. Remove the light tube from the fixture

    Remove the light tube by gently curling both of its ends out of their sockets. Where there are additional bulbs in the fixture, remove them as well. Carefully, put the tube and other bulbs aside.

  4. Locate the starter

    Locate the starter by inspecting the fixture. The starter is usually at one of the ends of the fixture. It's a small silver cylindrical object.

  5. Remove the starter

    Remove the starter by twisting it counterclockwise and pulling it from its socket.