How Do You Remove Floor Tile Adhesive?


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To remove vinyl tile adhesive, scrape the adhesive up using a putty knife and a heat gun, and remove the remaining adhesive using a solvent. When using solvent, refer to the manufacturer's instructions, and work in a well-ventilated area.

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Begin by using a putty knife to remove as much of the adhesive as possible, and use heat gun to help loosen the adhesive if it is difficult to remove. Aim the heat gun at the adhesive until the adhesive softens, and use the putty knife to quickly remove the adhesive while it is warm. If a heat gun is not available, hold a hot iron over the adhesive for several seconds. Do not touch the iron to the adhesive.

Solvents are used to remove adhesive residue that cannot be removed with a putty knife. To use solvents, apply the recommended amount of the solvent to the affected area following the instructions on the product packaging.

Use a putty knife to remove the adhesive after the solvent has been on the area for the recommended amount of time. When using solvents, open windows and doors to ensure the room is properly ventilated. Tile adhesive that is black and tar-like should be removed by a professional, as this type of adhesive may contain asbestos.

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