How Do You Remove Fingernail Polish From Carpet?


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To remove fingernail polish from carpet, start by blotting up as much of the spill as possible with paper towels. Then, apply glass cleaner, and blot with clean paper towels. Finally, apply more glass cleaner, and rub in a circular motion, changing paper towels often until the stain is gone.

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  1. Blot the spill with paper towels

    While the spill is still wet, press down on the area with a stack of several paper towels. The paper towels absorb much of the polish. Do not rub at this stage.

  2. Spray the area with glass cleaner

    Spray the stained portion of the carpet with glass cleaner to saturate the fibers.

  3. Blot several times with fresh paper towels

    Blot again with a stack of several clean paper towels. The glass cleaner loosens the pigments from the fibers, and the paper towels wick the cleaner and pigments out of the carpet. Replace the soiled towels with fresh ones, and continue blotting until most of the pigment is out.

  4. Spray with more glass cleaner

    Spray the area with a little more glass cleaner.

  5. Scrub with paper towels

    Rub the stained area quickly in a circular motion with another paper towel. Change the towel frequently, and continue scrubbing until no stain remains.

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