How Do You Remove Fingernail Glue?

Remove nail glue by soaking, filing and applying nail polish remover. The process takes several minutes and a well-lit area to ensure all the glue is removed. Gather cotton balls, a small lamp, fingernail file, fingernail polish remover, a small towel and a small bowl.

  1. Choose a well-lit area

    Select an area in the home that has a lot of light so that no glue is missed. If available, place a small lamp on the table, and shine the light toward the nails.

  2. Soak the nails

    Fill the small bowl with warm water, and place the fingertips of one hand in the bowl. Allow them to soak for about two minutes. Remove hand, and dry off.

  3. File off clumps of nail glue

    Using a nail file, gently file off any clumps of glue. Continue until the nails are smooth.

  4. Soak the other fingers

    Soak the fingers on the other hand for two minutes. Remove, dry, and repeat step three.

  5. Wipe nails with fingernail polish remover

    Dab some fingernail polish remover onto a cotton ball, and gently rub it on the nails.

  6. Dry fingers and repeat

    Dry fingers with a towel, and inspect the nails. If there is remaining glue, repeat all the steps.