How Do I Remove Face Paint Stains From Clothing?

A two-level approach is required to remove face paint stains from clothing. First remove the waxy or oily portion of the stain and then the dye. If the clothing is dry-clean only, point out the stains for cleaning.

  1. Pre-treat the garment

    Use a pre-treatment solution such as Shout to begin breaking down the wax or oils in the stain. Follow the pre-treatment product's instructions for amount to apply and waiting time.

  2. Wash the stain

    Create a paste of powdered detergent and water to the consistency of toothpaste. Spread the paste over the stained areas and then work it into the fabric. Scrub the stains lightly and then rinse with warm water.

  3. Remove the dye

    Wash the fabric in water at as high a temperature as the fabric type allows. Use detergent and all-fabric bleach in the water to aid in stain removal.

  4. Soak the garment

    Soak the garment for 8 hours in a mixture of oxygen-based bleach and cool water, following the bleach instructions for mixing ratio. Make sure the garment is completely submerged in the water. Repeat the process if traces of the stain remains. It may take several times soaking the garment to remove the stain completely. Wash the garment normally to remove all traces of the bleach.